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Eirwen Grenfell-Essam Gabriela Boix Marti
Eirwen Grenfell-Essam
Chair, Advocate and Trainer
Gabriela Boix Marti
Advocate and Finance Officer


We aim to support you to support the child with special educational needs and help you to work out how school can help the child more effectively.


Many children struggle within the education system to have their 'special' differences met. We can support you to find a way through the maze of jargon and educational bureaucracy that is linked with getting the right support for the child.

We do what we do because we want each child to reach their full potential in life.

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You as Advocate for the child

You as a parent or professional are the best people to support each child but sometimes you need some precise advice and support of an independent outsider.

What do we offer?

Unbiased - Independent

We offer unbiased advice. We tell you what the law states but it is up to you what you do with it.

Meetings with School & /or LA and mediation

We support you to speak for the child at meetings in school such as IEP meetings or Annual Reviews. We also support you at meetings with LA SEN officers.


We offer full support when registering an Appeal to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal Service (SEND) including preparing paperwork and representation at hearings.

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Please Note: There is a charge for our advocacy service.

This is to recover costs, as at present, no other funding is available. For further information about our charges please contact our office and they will supply a copy of our current advocacy letter.

As always we aim to meet the needs of all children and only charge the minimum required to recover our costs.

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Updated 23/12/2013